Mold Remediation Burbank

Home–that lovely place that so many of us take joy in. After a hard day, there’s nothing quite like relaxing within the comfort of your own space. But what happens when that space has been compromised? Damage from things like water and mold can turn your comfortable safe haven into an unsuitable and unsafe spot for both you and your family. If you find yourself trying to work through an issue such as mold or water damage in your home, you don’t have to work through it alone. RestoKleen is here to help!

We are a home remediation company servicing a large portion of the Southern California area.  RestoKleen gladly services customers that live in:

Our team can service many communities throughout the greater Southern California area. From Los Angeles to Riverside– and all the way over to San Bernardino, we can help you with your home remediation needs. If a home disaster is something you have just experienced, don’t wait another minute to call us. We work around the clock to assist our clients through these troubling times. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and would be happy to assist you with whatever you need. Just give us a call and within an hour, one of our team members will be there to meet with you.

If You Have Mold–We Can Help!

Mold can quickly take hold in your home due to leaks or other water damages, so it’s best to call us sooner than later if you suspect this is an issue. Regardless of the cause, our team is highly trained in mold remediation. When it comes to mold, delayed assistance can affect your health, your belongings and your home’s integrity–so again, don’t wait. At RestoKleen, we specialize in mold remediation. Rest assured that our certified technicians are highly skilled in both detection and removal of mold according to the most stringent industry standards.

Our team will work to remove the mold and repair any damages to your property. Should you need it, we can also help you pack up and store your belongings to prevent them from being contaminated. We take the extra step of disinfecting your space if you need it. Our goal is your complete satisfaction! At RestoKleen, we want our customers to experience a hassle-free mold remediation process. One way we do this is by taking the burden of communication with insurance carrier off your shoulders. We’ve got your back the whole way through!G


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Fair Pricing

Many customers are concerned about the costs associated with home damages due to water, fire, smoke, mold or sewage issues– and rightly so. Disasters are not expected and are difficult to plan for. At RestoKleen, we understand that. Our company is pleased to offer our clients competitive pricing on all our services.

A Good Name

We care deeply about our reputation in both our community and in our industry. Our team is committed to excellence in all we do. At RestoKleen, we associate with other industries that share the same values. Our company is EPA and IICRC certified. Additionally, we belong to the Better Business Bureau and are both insured and bonded. Our bar is set extremely high. We are committed to accountability, strict compliance and high standards in our business, and we have earned a solid reputation because of it.

Call Now!

No need to wait another minute if you are on the other side of a home disaster. Our team of expert technicians are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know the stress that accompanies home damage–so please, let us help you carry the load. It would be our pleasure to assist you!

Don’t Delay! Call RestoKleen Today! (833) 675-5336