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Mold Remediation Companies Near Me Pasadena

Imagine the destruction that can come upon your home due to a burst water pipe or faulty appliance. In such instances, spaces can become severely damaged and seemingly irreparable. Fortunately, with a company like RestoKleen on your side, there is hope. We are an expert team of home remediation specialists who can help you if you’ve recently experienced water damage to your home. In situations such as these, mold often appears as a result, but with RestoKleen behind you, you’ve got nothing to fear.


If you are located in Pasadena and searching for mold remediation companies near you, allow our expert team to be of assistance. We take the needs of our clients very seriously and will stop at nothing to ensure that your home is remediated in no time.

Expert Service You Can Trust

There’s no need to settle for mediocre care when it comes to home remediation services. Our team provides top-notch mold remediation assistance to clients just like you every single day. As such, it is our pleasure to offer you the very best when it comes to a variety of remediation needs, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied and impressed with the services you receive from our team of competent specialists.


We are proud to share that we have gained a great reputation in our community through our provision of specialized mold remediation services throughout the years. We are dedicated to getting you back on track as it pertains to your home life and will stop at nothing to ensure that the safety and integrity of your home is up to par.


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At RestoKleen, we are pleased to offer our specialized pack and store solution to clients that might need it. With this service, someone from our team will work to pack and store your precious family heirlooms into a secure offsite location. With this service, you can rest assured that your irreplaceable belongings will be safely protected throughout the entirety of the remediation process.

Our Gold Standard Associations

With a stellar work ethic and a high commitment to standards, RestoKleen is truly head and shoulders above all the rest. As such, we make every effort to align ourselves with organizations that keep us accountable and focused on providing the very best within this field. That is why we are both EPA and IICRC certified firm, along with being licensed, insured and bonded as well.


When you need expert mold remediation services, the choice is clear. RestoKleen would love nothing more than to help you get your home life back on track quickly following disasters from water or mold. Why look anywhere else when there’s RestoKleen?

We Would Love to Help

For the best mold remediation company near you, contact our team at RestoKleen today.  You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. We specialize in helping clients with issues pertaining to water damage and mold daily. Call us today and allow someone from our team to answer your questions and assess your situation. We would love to help you!

Don’t Delay! Call RestoKleen Today! (833) 675-5336