Mold Remediation Service Glendale

Having a clean and tidy home is something many aim for. It’s lovely to come home to a space that is picked up, organized and ready to relax in. When you have experienced a disaster to your home from water, this is likely the last thing that is possible. Your home can quickly go into disarray and things can go from bad to worse in a matter of hours. Water damage can ultimately lead to mold issues if the damage is not remedied in a timely manner. Between water and mold on your hands–relaxing is the last thing on your mind. That’s where RestoKleen shines brightly. We are the mold remediation company that you have been waiting for. Our team is highly trained and happy to help you with even the most complex of mold remediation issues. Don’t wait another minute–call us and allow our team of professionals to help you get back to living your life!


We have much influence around the greater southern California area, having serviced many communities with some of their most difficult home remediation projects. If you are located in the Glendale area and in need of expert mold remediation services, look no further than our team at RestoKleen. We have got you covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our availability is unmatched.  Call us now, and give us one hour from the time you call–and we will be there for you!

Mold Remediation Help–When You Need It!

Mold is a pervasive problem following water disasters to your home.  Don’t wait to call us should you find yourself in the midst of dealing with water damage. It doesn’t matter what caused the issue–we can help. We have a well-equipped team of technicians that are capable and trained to safely detect and remove mold from your home. Our mold remediation standards are high and our team is committed.


It would be our pleasure to assist you with packing and storing your precious heirlooms during this time as well. We understand that when you’ve experienced water damage in your home, many of your items could likely already be damaged. Let RestoKleen assist you with taking care of your belongings so that they won’t incur any additional damages.


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Likewise, we are happy to shoulder any communication that must take place between you and your insurance agency. We know that at a time like this–all you want is to go back to living your normal life. The last thing you want is to be on the phone for hours on end with various insurance companies. Let us help you manage the communication.

Prices & Services You Can Write Home About

We are 100% confident that you will be thrilled with our reasonable prices.  We even think they are something to write home about. All of our pricing is based on the current industry standards–and we certainly don’t price gouge!


A good name stands for something, and we are proud to share that we have earned a great reputation in our business. For many years, we have been servicing our community with professionalism and excellence in everything we do. Additionally, we are happy to be an EPA and IICRC certified firm, Better Business Bureau members and licensed, insured and bonded as well.


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So what are you waiting for? When you need the best in mold remediation, look no further than our team at RestoKleen. We’ve got everything you need to help you get your life back on track following a water disaster at your home.  Call now–we look forward to helping you in the future!

Don’t Delay! Call RestoKleen Today! (833) 675-5336