Mold Remediation Service North Hollywood

Mold–it’s a little word that nobody likes to think about. It’s also a noxious substance that everybody hopes will never visit their most sacred spaces. The problem is, if you’ve had damage to your home from a flood or leak, mold is almost always just around the corner. It’s a horrible smelling substance that has the ability to penetrate even the most tucked away of spaces. It can be damaging to your health, your peace of mind, and the integrity of your house. If you suspect mold on your property, it’s imperative that you seek out mold remediation service right away. At RestoKleen, we have been raising the bar as it pertains to excellence within the home remediation industry. When you need the best remediation services, call us.


Are you living in the North Hollywood area and searching for mold remediation service? If so, you’ve got to give us a call right away. Our team is proud to offer our exceptional services 24/7 for your convenience. We know how untimely these events can be, which is why we make ourselves available to you anytime–day or night.

Mold Damage Repair

You know well when you walk into a space that has mold damage. The strong odor lingers and can hang oppressively over a space. As mentioned, this is not an issue you want to wait on. Our team is highly trained at both the accurate detection and safe removal of mold found within your home.


For many years, clients just like you have been relying upon RestoKleen to get their home lives back on track following various kinds of home disasters. We are a competent team of skilled technicians, working hard to meet your needs and provide remediation of any damages to your home. We understand the dilemma you are facing as you are working through picking up the pieces following a home disaster. Don’t try to go at it all alone. Our team is capable of helping you work through every avenue of the process of home remediation. One way we accomplish this is through our pack and store service. With this, we manage client belongings by packing and storing them safely in an off-site location. This way, your beloved heirlooms will no longer be subjected to potential damages that can come from home disasters and the clean-up process following such a situation.


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EPA and IICRC Certification

Did you know we are associated with some of the top organizations in our industry? That’s right! Our firm is both EPA and IICRC certified, along with being licensed, insured and bonded. With these certifications and protections in place, you can rest assured that the mold remediation service you receive from RestoKleen will be of the highest quality you can find anywhere in the industry.


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Don’t wait another minute if you’ve got home remediation that needs to be done. Contact our team of reliable technicians and allow us to help you get your home back on track in a timely manner. Our team is there to help you 24/7, so call us anytime. It would be our pleasure to assist you with this process.

Don’t Delay! Call RestoKleen Today! (833) 675-5336