Mold Remediation Service Toluca Lake

If you have recently experienced the devastating effects of a flood or water leak in your home, you know how difficult it can be to get life back on track. Unfortunately, water leaks and floods often bring mold, especially when it’s been allowed to sit stagnant for a few days. Things can go from bad to worse very quickly, leaving vulnerable homeowners unsure of what to do next. That’s where RestoKleen comes in handy. We offer reliable mold remediation service when you need it most. It is our pleasure to assist our clients with disasters from a variety of elements such as fire, smoke, water, mold or mildew. We are highly-trained in the area of home restoration and will be able to provide you with our expert services at a moment’s notice.


Are you located in the Toluca Lake area and interested in mold remediation service? If so, contact our team today. We are happy to serve you 24/7, meaning there is no bad time to call. For your convenience, our team is available and ready to answer your questions anytime–day or night.

Expert Mold Remediation Service

Should you find yourself in a bind with water damage that led to mold growth in your home, we are the team you should call. Waiting is not wise and can result in further complications when it comes to restoring your home back to its original state.


We understand how challenging it can be to have your home in disarray. Being displaced isn’t fun for anyone, especially in the midst of your busy life. We offer the best mold remediation service you will find in the industry today. It is our prerogative to continually go above and beyond expectations and meet your needs consistently through our excellent mold remediation service.  A great way to make the remediation process easier is by taking advantage of our pack and store solution. When you opt for this, we will safely pack up and store your family heirlooms away in a secure off-site location. This ensures that your valuables remain protected, away from any further damage.  Our clients love this option that we provide.


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Our Associations

We value a good reputation and have been working hard to establish our name in the community for many years. Hard work and a commitment to excellence have all contributed to our success. We are proud to share that we are both an EPA and IICRC certified firm, as well as licensed, insured and bonded.  This ensures that the services we provide are of the highest quality in the industry.


When You Need Help With Mold–Call Us

If you suspect mold in your home following damage from water, don’t wait another minute. Call us today and allow our team of experts to help you take your home to the next level. We are skilled at both the detection and safe removal of this noxious substance, and it would be our delight to assist you through this  process.  Call us today and get your home back on the right track in no time with the help of RestoKleen.

Don’t Delay! Call RestoKleen Today! (833) 675-5336