Mold Removal and Remediation

Mold can be a problem in residential and commercial properties, it is more common in warm temperatures, wet areas, poorly ventilated areas and old structures. Mold can grow because of leaks from faulty pipes, leaking roof or water damage. Being exposed to mold can have negative health consequences. Being exposed to mold in your home or business should be very concerning.


Restokleen mold remediation specialists will walk you through and explain each step in a process of dealing with and removing mold from your property. It is important to take action quickly to prevent mold growth. Delaying action will only give the mold more time grow and cause more damage to your health, property and valuables.


Professional Mold Remediation

Always call a professional to fight mold problems. Trying to take care of mold issues by yourself can pose health dangers to yourself and residents in the property. Our highly trained certified specialists are equipped with protective gear and proper tools such as industrial dehumidifiers to eliminate the mold and destroy its source in order to prevent it from re-occurring in your residential or commercial property.


Restokleen offers professional expertise in mold removal and remediation. Our certified technicians are well-trained and conduct all work according to industry standards. Restokleen has the expertise and proper equipment to take care of nasty mold in your home or business.


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We Will Work With Your Insurance Directly. (833) MR-KLEEN
Our initial reaction is quick and includes an in-depth inspection of all losses. The condition and damages to your property are carefully documentated in detail.
fire damage
We will promptly extract standing water, dry and disinfect required areas. We will pack out and remove your belongings for appropriate handling.
As general contractors we can completely clean, repair and restore any ruined sections of your property that were destroyed by water, flood, storm, sewage or fire.