Water Damage Cleanup Pasadena

We all love water when it’s in its proper place. Going to the beach and enjoying the ocean, a nice cold glass of water, even a warm shower are all ways that we enjoy water on a daily basis. However, when water gets out of hand through a flood or a leak in your home, this very revered liquid can become a curse in an instant. Water has the ability to seep into the tiniest of places and wreak havoc in a short amount of time, leaving your home susceptible to further damages. If you are currently facing damage to your home from water and need an expert water damage company to help you, we are the team for you. RestoKleen is well versed in helping clients that have a variety of unique and complex home restoration needs.


Should you find yourself in need of a professional water damage cleanup company and are living in the Pasadena area, we would be happy to help you. Our vast experience and professionalism sets us apart from the rest. When you call RestoKleen today, one of our team members will be there to assist you within one hour of your phone call. And because water disasters can’t wait, we are available for you 24/7.

The Best In Water Damage Cleanup

You deserve the best service to get your home restored to its original condition and that’s what you will get when you choose RestoKleen. Our highly experienced team of technicians is proficient in offering each customer exceptional home mitigation services. No matter the problem, we can help. With several years in this industry, we are prepared to solve some of the most complex water damage scenarios.


Our team will always go the extra mile to ensure that you are both satisfied and happy. One way we do this is by offering our pack and store services where we pack up your valuables and store them so that they don’t incur any more damages. RestoKleen is also highly skilled at finding and safely getting rid of mold in your house–which is often a problem following water disasters.  Another way we take care of you is by fielding all communication between you and your insurance agency. This is an added bonus that our clients love, because it allows them to get back to other more important things instead of being on the phone for hours on end.


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Great Prices and High Standards

You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get your water damages cleaned up. We are confident that you will appreciate our reasonable and fair prices which are consistent with the current industry standards. Here, we also hold very high standards–which keeps us on the path of accountability and professionalism in the way we conduct our business. Some of our affiliations include the EPA, IICRC and the Better Business Bureau. We are also happily licensed, bonded and insured revealing our dedication to excellence in all things pertaining to home mitigation.


It Would Be a Pleasure to Assist You!

Are you in need of a reputable water damage mitigation company?  Look no further than RestoKleen.  We can take care of you with our highly-regarded home restoration services and get you back to living life in your home in no time.  So, contact us today! It would be our pleasure to assist you.

Don’t Delay! Call RestoKleen Today! (833) 675-5336